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Our commitment is to provide excellence across every aspect of your relationship with Grandway Group, anywhere in the world. Through the years, we have excelled in many sectors by identifying the needs of the various markets around the world. Our aim is to provide top quality, efficient, profitable and accurate services and products to all our partners. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with Grandway Group and take both our and your business to the next level.  Some of our low cost housing solutions are described here below. Please contact us for further details and full product range and specifications.
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Movable Villas Vacation villas are becoming an essential part of people's life on holidays and weekends. Movable villa in small size has become the new trend in the real estate industry. This type of design can be adopted as temporary offices or dormitory for big exhibitions and conferences. It is very presentable in appearance and strong in structure by using light steel structure and SIP panels. Therefore, it can save time, money and space.
Movable Villa
Portable House (Outback) Frame: Flat pack and Knock down frame Insulation: Sandwich panel for wall and roof Mobility: Completed lifting or pulling Size: 3m width * 6m/9m/12m length Loading: 9 units / 40'HQ (3*5.75m house)
Portable House
Folding Modular House Smart folding steel structure Quick installation SIP: Sandwich panel with insulation Connection: Can be combined with other units Mobility: Complete lifting Size: According to customer’s demands
Folding Modular House
Prefabricated House with Steel Chassis Light steel chassis and pillars (or cement floor) plus steel frame roof Wall/Roof: Sandwich panel with insulation Loading: Flat pack loading Size: On customer’s demand Roof style: One slope and two slope (gable) roof
Prefabricated House
Light Steel Structure Buildings Dimensions: According to customer's detailed drawings Frame: Standard steel structure Insulation: Single steel sheet or Sandwich panel for wall and roof
Light Steel Structure Building
Housing for Construction Sites Cement floor Light steel structure Sandwich panel for wall and roof Flat pack loading: 180-200m2 / 40'HQ Size: Different size as per customer’s demand Cost: Very economical and low cost Labour dormitory, office, storage, workshop
Housing for Construction Sites
Permanent Houses Life span: Over 50 years Wall: Fiber cement EPS sandwich panel Roof: EPS sandwich panel Fire and water proof
Permanent House
Other Structures 1. Galvanized Storage House Completed folding frame Quick installation Flat package loading 2. Caravan Hut Three-Side walls Expandable space for caravan
Other Structures
Embossing Panels EPS (Polystyrene) Sandwich Panels PU (Polyurethane) Sandwich Panels Rock (Mineral) Wool Sandwich Panels Fiber Cement EPS Sandwich Panels 1. Heat Insulation 2. Water Insulation 3. Flame Resistance 4. Sound Insulation
Embossing Panels