Professional affiliates
Our esteemed affiliates are located in the following countries: European Union: Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, UK. Rest of Europe: FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia. Middle East: Iraq, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan. Asia: India, Sri Lanka, China. Africa: Egypt, Nigeria. America: Canada, USA.
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Inquiries If you or your business operate in any of the mentioned fields or, if you are interested in expanding your business in new areas, like we do, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are more than willing to listen to new proposals and establish a mutually beneficial long term partnership. Although we prefer to use our own well-established network, new business proposals are always welcome. You will find all the necessary contact information in the above menu.  
Business Solutions
Our group specializes in providing international business solutions.  We and our network of affiliates operate around the globe providing  solutions in all major fields including, industrial projects, construction  projects, real estate projects, telecommunication projects, energy  projects, imports and exports, supply of commodities and project  financing. With our long experience, we provide efficient and customized  solutions on an international scale. We have started our business in Cyprus in the late 1970’s and  gradually expanded in several sectors. At the moment, we conduct  business with our two main companies: Grandway Trading Ltd  Grandway (Investments) Ltd 
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